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I’m Jake Ernst. I'm a speaker, writer, social worker,
psychotherapist and Clinical Director at my group

practice clinic, Straight Up Health.

I grew up in a big family in a small town. I was the kid

on the playground helping others solve their problems.

The kid who knew we all needed to connect better.

I'm a helper at heart.


I first experienced grief as a teenager after the passing

of my father. It was my connection and relationships
with those around me that carried me through.
Hardship didn’t harden me. It drove me to become
a therapist and ignited my passion for helping others.


I talk about the power of connection and the ways modern
stress is making us more disconnected on my weekly
podcast, This Isn't Therapy, and in my weekly newsletter, Just Trying To Help.​

Modern life is served with stress. But it’s so much sweeter when we connect. 

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About Jake: News


With over a decade of experience in the helping profession,
Jake Ernst is a trusted subject-matter expert in the areas of mental,
emotional, and social health (MESH). Jake is a regular media contributor
and a frequently cited voice advancing the mission of social connection.

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Jake Ernst (he/him) is a relational therapist and community educator. He is the Clinical Director at Straight Up Health, which is a family mental health clinic in Toronto, Canada. Jake provides clinical supervision to his team of therapists and maintains a successful practice where he supports young people and their families. Jake is an engaging speaker and educator and has delivered educational workshops about stress, burnout, and mental health for executives and employees at Google, Starbucks, RBC, Home Depot, Equifax, and Hello Fresh. He has spoken at countless community health agencies, schools, and conferences about mental, emotional,
and social health, both nationally and internationally.


Jake is a writer and creator. He is known to his online audience as @mswjake. With a background in relational neuroscience and a passion for helping others, Jake writes about how the world around us impacts the world inside of us. Jake’s work has been referenced or featured in Men’s Health, Teen Vogue, Healthline, HuffPost, InStyle, and PopSugar. Jake is also a regular media contributor, with features on Cityline, Global News, CTV News Toronto, The Toronto Star, and CBC Podcasts. He was named one
of five wellness professionals to watch in 2021 by Toronto Life Magazine.

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